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A History of Excellence
Longoni started with a dream. In 1945, Alessandro Longoni began making his billiard cues in a small Northern Italian town with little more than tenacity and wits on borrowed machinery and the power of hard work. 50 years later Longoni still designs, manufactures and assembles its cues and billiard accessories exclusively in Italy - by third generation artisans. Longoni cues combine the newest technologies with antique manufacturing procedures to meet the taste of today’s most demanding players.
Longoni Cue Features

  • 12.75mm XP Shaft or S2 Laminated Shaft
  • JBR ferrule made of sophisticated thermoplastic
  • 5 layer pigskin Da Vinci tip
  • 10 layers of acrylic varnish for scratch resistance
  • Cue butts have no metal parts for perfect acoustic properties and feature a single piece of Maple/Hornbeam core for consistency
  • Longoni cues and accessories are backed by a 24 month limited warranty

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