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Trouble Shooters

Trouble Shooter™ Shorty Cues

Your short cue solution. A true-weight short cue that allows a more accurate play and better feel. Now you can place a pool table in a smaller size room and still play a comfortable game. Posts, furniture and walls are no longer an obstacle. Play with ease and precision, even with as little as 24" clearance. Also ideal as a junior cue for children. Gives them better weight distribution for cue handling.

Trouble Shooter™ is a balanced, weighted, short cue with the unique feature of it’s weight being positioned forward. As you can see from their uncommon look and weight, this line of 5 Trouble Shooter™ short cues is now proving to be the answer that many pool table owners have been looking for... a superior quality short cue with a better feel. They also feature a pro taper and 13mm tip.

These cues are also awesome for kids!!! When children learn to play pool, the weight and length of a regular cue is too long for the length of their arms. With the shorter arm of a child, the butt of a regular cue extends way past their leverage and pendulum point. This hinders their ability to stabilize the cue properly. Trouble Shooter™, because of it’s variety of sizes, provides a better proportioned length to weight ratio as children grow. They’ll always be able to use a right size cue that’s weighted correctly to allow them to achieve a proper swinging motion to shoot straighter.

Trouble Shooter™ is available in 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 52" or 24" bridge cue with head.

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